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Take a Taxi

This is the iPhone version of the popular taxi listing, Take a Taxi. Take a Taxi was the first of its kind in North America and has been available on web-enabled phones for over 10 years. The service is now available as an application on iPhone and iTouch devices. Take a Taxi is a searchable listing of taxi services. We offer useful information for organizing a way home after a night out or finding transportation when on business. The taxi listings are sorted by city and province/state and offer a one-touch dialling feature. Whether in an unfamiliar city on business, or simply trying to organize a way home after a night out during the busy holiday season, Take a Taxi eliminates the need to remember the taxi company name – just browse by city and with one touch, connect to a chosen taxi service by phone. Alternatively, with the use of GPS or WiFi, you can use the location-based services to display a list of taxis nearby. Take a Taxi also allows you to add any taxi to your favorites list, saving time when accessing these services the next time.

-No internet connection required to browse taxi listings
-Location-based list of nearby taxis (requires internet connection)
-Includes a favorites list to save time finding a taxi
-One-touch dialling (iPhone required)
-Current listings include United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Malaysia…more to come!

iPhone App

To download the iPhone version of this app, click here.

iPhone Version