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HP Touchpad running android

Got my $99 HP touchpad up and running android.  working well with the exception of a few wifi issues.

GPad G10 Android 2.1 – Ordered 7″ tablet from Pandawill.com

I just purchased a GPad G10 Android tablet.  I ordered it from a Chinese tech site called Pandawill.com.  The stats are: Gpad G10 Android 2.1 OS 7″ TFT LED touch screen, 800*480px 14mm, ultra slim and stylish design Telechips 8902 800Mhz ARM 11 processor 256MB DDR2 RAM Gravity Sensor Built in 4GB Memory 1.3 Mega Camera No HDMI output unfortunately. […]

Google – Conspiracy Or Poor Customer Service

Is Google making it so difficult for Android Devs to set up paid apps so they can encourage ad-supported free apps? It makes you wonder. It literally took years to add additional countries such as Canada and Australia to the list of countries from where you can sell apps. Even after that, the financial input screen for Canada had so […]